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“I’ve partnered with Christopher for over five years on a number of projects. I know him to be a hard working man of integrity and trust that will do whatever it takes to get amazing results for our projects”
- Ethan Poppleton
Real Estate Developer

Are You Ready To Take Your Investment Career to the Next Level and Join the Big Leagues? Now is Your Chance!
AIM Capital is a real estate acquisition company focused on Class B/C +100 unit apartment communities in several major markets across the US. Using our extensive marketing experience, we are able to find YOU highest qualified apartment communities to deliver YOU the highest quality returns! Our goal is to make AIM Capital one of the most recognized syndication companies in the country that you can KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

Our process is simple. We look through hundreds of highly qualified leads in strategic locations around the country that show signs of opportunity (deferred maintenance, bad paperwork, partnership problems, high vacancies/turnovers, etc...) waiting for the cream of the crop to come along. 

When we have a property that fits, we run it through our extensive underwriting process, going through any of 30 different strategies to add value to the property. Once we find the best strategy and create our pro forma, we then present a fair "win-win" offer to the Owners. Throughout this entire process, YOU as the investor is who we have in mind.  We want to find you investments that can delivery you with stable, consistent, high quality returns.  
You will be able to learn what some of the wealthiest investors in the country are doing to protect and strategically grow their wealth!

Why Work with AIM CAPITAL
Christopher Huffman
AIM Capital Owner & Founder | Multi-Family Syndicator | Real Estate Developer
Christopher Huffman is a serial entrepreneur who has bought and sold several successful real estate companies, generated millions of dollars worth of returns for investors nationwide, and has built teams around integrity, hard work, and a “win-win” mentality.

With a focus on property analysis, his expert knowledge in the world of investments is a hard to find asset to anyone looking for a solid ROI. Want to know how to make your money work for you while you sleep, Christopher is your man.

AIM Capital has a unique strategic partnership with an established marketing Company, Divulge Marketing, which has been able to produce incredible off market leads, branding optimization, and top of the industry marketing funnels to attract the best deals.  ALL of this is for YOU.  We work night and day sifting through HUNDREDS of deals to find you the best so that you can do whatever it is that you love and collect your mailbox money!

Want to Learn How We Analyze Our Deals? 
Our team has worked hard spending countless hours to better understand the underwriting process to provide you the best deals and have created a simple, user friendly Syndication Analyzer that you can use to underwrite your deals.  With step by step instructions on how to do your "initial underwriting" and your "full underwriting", it's made our life easy as can be!

We have developed this sheet filled with useful Marcos, backend VBA, and other tools so you can automate your initial underwriting and has given all the tools to know what to offer on a property in a single click!  Our goal is to make this SOO easy that somebody can underwrite a large multifamily deal in UNDER 10 MINUTES!

I know you might ask, "When can we have access to this incredible tool????" 

Our team is working hard and we expect a full release January 1st of this coming year!  If something like this would be helpful for you in your business let us know by clicking the link below.  If we get over 500 people to express interest in having us give this tool to the public, we will release is at the start of next year! Let us know! 
Make Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing
AIM Capital finds great, cash-flowing multifamily apartment buildings by combing through hundreds of properties in emerging markets throughout the country. Our investor partners passively earn above-average returns secured by real estate, history’s most reliable asset.
We actively focus on multifamily properties of at least 100 units in emerging markets.  We currently focus in Utah, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma.

But we don’t buy just any old property. In fact, we look at dozens and dozens of properties before even making an offer because most properties simply are not worth anywhere near the asking price.

We look for a few key characteristics in two categories. We don’t always find these in every property, but the presence or absence of these attributes strongly influence the purchase price.
Benefits Of Working with AIM CAPITAL
There are a variety of reasons to work with an established, reputable, experience manager.  This would only mention a few:
You can produce great PASSIVE INCOME (or "Mailbox Money") that will give you more time and more freedom!
We have established systems and a track record of delivering you incredible above average returns!
​​We provide you complete transparency and communicate with you every step along the way of your investment journey!

​You can actually OWN an apartment community that will produce you cash WHILE YOU SLEEP!

You can invest using a variety of vehicles such as your 401(k) or through a Self Directed IRA

Investors can capitalize on HUGE tax saving strategies, such as cost segregation and 1031 exchanges

You can produce secure returns in the most risk adverse asset class available, Multifamily Apartments!
Any questions? Get in touch!
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